tap those toes

Feeling isolated from others is never easy. That's why, when I'm under the weather, I turn to music. The past few weeks of my life have been filled with what once felt like never ending drama. Somehow, I've hardly let it affect me because of songs like this from Discovery and Ra Ra Riot. One clip of Wes Miles's voice and my toes instantly start tapping. How can you be unhappy when your toes are tapping?


changing lanes

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My mom and dad love to tell stories about me as a child. Seriously. I've lost count of the number of times they've told complete strangers the story about me wearing a shower cap for the entire day while we were sightseeing in Springfield. I must have been 7 years old at the time but I proudly wore that hotel shower cap for hours. They love using this as an example of my fearlessness.

Then there's the story about my younger sister learning how to ride a bicycle. We're about 16 months apart, but I've always treated her as though she's the same age. That explains why I took her training wheels off of her new bike when she was only 4 years old. All by myself. This would be an example of how I can't stand waiting for other people to do things. I take care of them myself, because... well, why not?

Yesterday, my mom told me that she's been sharing another story with her coworkers and friends. This one was about the time I potty trained myself. She had ordered a brand new pink seat with Minnie Mouse on it. I can vividly remember it to this day. My oh my, how I loved that thing. I spotted the package as soon as the UPS man dropped it on the front porch. I went to her to see what could be in this huge box. She explained that I would be using it from now on instead of a diaper. Somehow this made total sense to me. Only a few moments after she said this, I pulled it out of the box and used it. From that day on, I quit diapers cold turkey. She loves using this one to show people, even me, how independent and no nonsense I am.

I've always tackled change, obstacles, and experiences with a fearless, independent, and confident attitude. Somewhere along the shifty, shaky road I've forgotten how to do this. Even when I have no other choice but to swerve or turn down a completely new street, I greet change with an unwelcoming sneer. Now, I'm working on developing that childlike calm as I, once again, change lanes.